See the USA

Just in case you missed it, you should see the Glee cast performing Chevy’s See the USA commercial:  For comparison, check out the original with Dinah Shore:  The two commercials are an interesting contrast in eras.  Life may seem to have gotten more complex, but one thing hasn’t changed–the joys of a road trip.

I remember the 1950s when every summer my mother would gather up my sister and myself, stuff us in a 1950 Dodge, and head for Colorado.  It was a ritual which we hated at the time and now look back on fondly.  Before the age of the interstate, it took two long days to drive from Fort Worth, Texas, to Colorado Springs on 2-lane highways.  With no DVD and only spotty radio reception, my sister and I had to invent something to pass the time:  spot out-of-state license plates, sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall,  fight over who sat in the front seat.  I never cease to wonder that my mother persisted in doing this every summer, and that we persisted in fighting it.   Maybe those trips to Colorado, anticipating the approach of snow-covered mountain peaks, feeling the freshness of cool mountain air, and enjoying the bite of icey mountain brook water on my feet, were what ultimately led me to fall in love with Durango.

Now, I’m priviledged to share this beautiful state, and the joys of road-tripping, with others.  So on this blog, I plan to share road itineraries from Durango.  The first will be the San Juan Skyway, one of the world’s most beautiful (and knuckle-biting) road trips.   So, stay-tuned as we discover the wonders of road therapy.


About Four Corners Folio

Katherine Burgess is owner and operator of Colorado Travel Connection LLC, a travel company dedicated to promoting and servicing international travellers to Southwest Colorado and the Four Corners area where four states meet: Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.
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